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About us

Interconnecting Smartly

We can integrate your systems seamlessly and with expertise...

UI Matters

If user interface fails, what worth is the backend!

Support Does Matter

We shall be with you every step of the way...

Featured Works

Small Exchange Systems

Development of SES softwares for exchanges

Banking Front-office to Back-office Integrations

Finastra risk solutions are integrated with banking systems

TIBCO Solutions

TIBCO software and solutions


Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL db programming

Mobile Software

iOS and Android apps are tailored to your needs

AWS, HTML5 and Web

Consultancy is given for cloud computing, design and web services

What we offer

App Development

We can provide you consultancy on plenty languages such as Java, Swift, Objective C, C#

UI Design

Oh yes, it is very important. User interface is designed with intuition and expertise.

Creative Idea

Sometimes you won't need to re-create the world... We can recommend you a better idea!

Why Choose Us

We have more than 25 years of programming experience on various industries including socket communications, real-time data mining, real-time exchanges, dealing infrastructures (i.e. TOF), databases and PL/SQL/Transact SQLs, financial reporting and risk software solutions and integrations. Under the scope of above experience we have so far worked with

Thomson Reuters infrastructures and data.

Finastra front-office, back-office solutions.

TIBCO integration solutions.

Mobile App frameworks--Blackberry, iOS and Android.

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Istanbul, Turkey